Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Jeanspiration" (Inspiration Check In - Blog LinkUp)

I'm participating in another Pixel Scrapper blog link-up. This time our assignment is to write about what is inspiring us, creatively. Specifically, we're supposed to talk about our current design style or focus, and where the ideas come from, such as a particular designer or design trend.

My problem is that I am not often sure exactly where I get my inspiration, but I'll try to figure it out as I'm writing this.

At the moment I'm fixated on denim. Not much of a surprise to people who know me, because I wear jeans about 99% of the time, unless I'm in bed.

Jeans are comfortable, and they go with anything. I can dress them up or down. I can clean house in them, go to the grocery store, run all kinds of errands, go to appointments with doctors and teachers and other up with friends for lunch or dinner or a coffee...I have even been known to wear jeans to church (with a pretty sweater or blouse and a nice blazer).

You can do tons of crafts and sewing projects with denim, too. I never throw away an old pair of jeans. They get turned into purses or quilts or pillows or they get used to cover and decorate storage containers or anything else that gets between me and my glue gun or sewing machine.

Jeans are one of the best inventions ever, really. So what's not to like? I started putting denim into my digiscrap designs, and now I'm fixated. LOL! I can't stop!

Here is a collage of things I've made or am working on, along with some of the things that I believe have inspired me to go in the direction I've been going with my designs, lately:

Yes, quite a bit of what inspires me at the moment is "vintage" to many people. Fortunately denim goes well with most everything, and it never goes out of style. :-)

Here's the link where you can see what's inspiring the other participants in this blog LinkUp.


  1. I can so relate to this Marcy! I even told everyone to bury me in my denims. That might be all they can find in my closet anyway. :)

    1. Good for you, Pamela! Well, in my closet they will find a bunch of stuff in various sizes, but I'm thinking the fancy stuff is probably full of moth holes. Hahahaha!!!!

  2. Hi Marcy! Thanks so much for including my shop in your Recommended section! I really appreciate it! :D

    Do you think your followers would like to have a freebie from me? :) I would love to offer them one!


    1. Hi Molly! That would be great! I'm a huge fan of yours. Lets connect on Facebook maybe? Then we can PM each other to discuss. :-)