Friday, June 23, 2017

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I am now designing under the name "Marcy Coate Designs" so I will no longer be updating this blog. You can find me on the following websites and social networks:

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You can purchase things with my designs printed on them (mugs, bags, pillows, t-shirts and more) at Zazzle.

Friday, January 22, 2016

January Freebies for Subscribers Only

I have some pretty papers (2 sets) for my Newsletter subscribers:

If you're not a subscriber yet, you can sign up here. The download info will be sent to you once you have confirmed your email address.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent Calendar Freebies


Did you notice my Advent Calendar with freebies every day until Christmas? These will remain online through December 31st. After that you may see some or all of these in my store, but they won't be free...

Monday, November 30, 2015

"Let's Get Festive": December 2015 Blog Train at Pixel Scrapper

PLEASE NOTE: THESE FREEBIES HAVE EXPIRED. To be notified of future freebies please subscribe to my Newsletter here.

Merry Blog Train Christmas! The Pixel Scrapper blog train is here...and I'm so excited. There are tons of adorable things for you to download this time.

Here are the previews of my portions:

These "stencil" alphas and Christmas shapes will be sent to all of my newsletter subscribers during the month of December. If you are already on my list, check your email on December 1st for your download link. If you haven't subscribed yet, subscribe here any time during the month of December 2015 and you will receive the link by email.

The elements (parts 1 & 2) are "free with purchase" at my online store ($1 minimum purchase). Offer valid for December 2015 only. Starting in January they will be offered for sale, individually.

I will be giving away MORE FREEBIES every day until Christmas. These will be shared on my social network pages. Be sure to follow me and "like" my pages so you receive the latest updates.

Facebook Page (after you "like" the page, look at the top of my Facebook page and click the arrow that points down, next to "liked". Choose the notifications you want to receive - this way Facebook will let you know when there is something new on my page - otherwise it may or may not show you my updates because they want page owners to spend money for ads!)

Twitter is an easy way to follow my daily updates. Please follow me, and I will follow you back!

G+ is another way you can find out about my updates and daily freebies that I'll be offering during the month of December. Add me to your circles, and I'll add you to mine.

Marcy Coate

PS: if you have any problems with your downloads or need customer support, send me an email to

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) - How to Grab Everything in My Store for FREE!

Today is Digital Scrapbooking Day. All of the stores and designers are having sales, freebies, challenges, and more.

I decided to do something a little different, that lasts for the rest of the month. You see, 16 November is my birthday, and towards the end of the month we have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Digital Monday. I'm a one-person operation, so it's difficult for me to handle multiple promotions in a single here's what I decided to do:

Starting today, and for the rest of November you can submit a layout using any of my digital creations (freebies and/or paid products) and get $1 off anything in my store (applies only to products created by me - promoted products from Etsy not included).

There is NO LIMIT to how many layouts you can submit, and you can combine your points to get whole bundles for free! In other words, you could literally grab everything I've created so far, for free, if you have the time to make layouts.

Your layouts must be based mainly on my creations, but you CAN use elements from other designers, if you need more embellishments. Please see below for full details and all of the rules and instructions on how to submit your layouts.

By the way, I'm also having a special drawing on 1 December. The winner will receive a special code that allows unlimited free downloads of anything in my store (products from Etsy not included) and this code will be good through the end of January 2016.

That means it even includes future creations that I'll upload before the end of January! (Lots of pretty things coming in December...just think about it!) Each layout you submit before 1 December will give you one chance in the drawing.

I'll be sharing some quick tips in a day or two, so even if you've never done a digital scrapbook layout before, I think you'll be able to come up with something for this challenge. I've found a free online program that just about anyone should be able to use, to make easy layouts. I'll be telling you about that soon...possibly later today...or at least within the next few days. This way even folks without Photoshop or other software will be able to participate.

OK, so be sure to read these rules, and send me an email (address below) if you have any questions.

Digital Scrapbooking Day - Layout Rules
  1. Your layout must be based on my creations. It can include elements from other designers if you need extra embellishments, but the layout should be clearly based on my designs.
  2. You can combine multiple kits/themes that I've created. For example, some of the items from Bohemian Breeze might coordinate well with items from my Autumn 2015 Collection. (Please list which products you used, when you submit your layouts.)
  3. You can accumulate "points". For example, if you want to get the Spring 2015 Bundle for free, you'll need to submit 4 layouts (it costs $4). There is no limit, and you have until midnight Pacific Time on November 30th to submit your layouts. So if you want to do 4 layouts using my freebies and grab the Spring Bundle, then use the Spring Bundle to create more layouts so you can get another bundle for free...please do! (This is just one example - use your own imagination and creativity - I suggest you go for the bundles first, because that way you get more things for free.)
  4. Maybe you just started following me, and you don't have many of my freebies in order to make layouts. Well, ALL of my freebies that I have made so far are still available. Just browse back through all of the older posts on this blog, and you will find lots of freebies. You can still download everything that I have made, as far back as March 2015. Please send me an email if you have any problems with downloading.
  5. You agree to allow me to post your layouts on my websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other web venues and galleries. I want to credit you for your lovely work, so please tell me what name you want me to use (for example "by Jane Doe"? or just "by Jane D." - whichever you prefer). If you want me to link to your website, blog or gallery post, please let me know that, too.
  6. Please submit JPG files only, in the highest quality you can manage. The finished size of your layout should be AT LEAST 600x600 pixels (if you use the Pixel Scrapper gallery, the largest size they will show after you upload is a bit less than 600x660, but that's OK). If your layout is not square, that's OK too - 8.5x11 inches is fine (or A4 international paper size). When you submit it, just make sure that the shortest side of the finished JPG is at least 600 pixels.
  7. Post your layout to your blog or website and send me the link. You can also send it to my by email, if your mail program will allow sending large file sizes. (I believe Gmail allows up to 25MB, for attachments.)
  8. If you don't have a blog or website and you can't email me the file, here are some ideas for where you can post your layouts (and then send me the link):
  •   Pixel Scrapper gallery (if you have one)
  •   Google Drive
  •   Dropbox
  •   Photobucket
  •   Flickr
  •   Tumblr
When you submit your layout(s), be sure to send me an email saying which product(s) you want discounted or free, and I will send you the offer code so you can get them. If you're accumulating your points, send me an email when you're done so that I know where you want your discount applied (which products).

Any questions? Something not clear? Need help with anything? Please send me an email:

I hope you'll have time to do all of the layouts you need in order to grab any of my products that are on your wish list. Good luck in the drawing, and Happy Scrapping!

Marcy Coate

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thankful Harvest - PixelScrapper November 2015 Blog Train


This month's Pixel Scrapper Blog Train them is "Thankful Harvest". My contributions may seem a bit unusual for that theme, so I'll explain. In September I released my Autumn 2015 Collection and it includes Autumn and Thanksgiving items, so I didn't want to do repeats of that.

I really wanted to do something in a Tuscan style, which I think goes along quite well with a harvest theme since it typically has a lot of elaborate motifs (roosters, olive trees, grape clusters) but I ran into a snag that I just couldn't seem to get around: this palette doesn't have any greens or browns in it, and I felt I couldn't do full justice to the Tuscan style without greens and browns.

I suppose I could have tried for a different idea, but it was getting too close to the November 1st deadline by that point, so I decided to just post the papers I have made so far, and later on I will do some kits based on this work and use an extended palette, and offer them at my store. If you want to be notified when the Tuscan sets are completed, you can sign up here for my newsletter.


I hope you will still be able to make good use of these papers in your projects. Terms of use are CU and PU (commercial and personal use - please read the TOU file included in the downloads for full details).

PS: If you don't receive your newsletter, or if you have any problems with your downloads, please contact me at

Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2015 Blog Train: Pixel Scrapper (That Teenage Life)


Happy October! It's Blog Train time again.

This month's theme is "That Teenage Life". We were encouraged to submit designs that are appropriate for teen and pre-teen boys, and I know several of you will be happy about that, because there were several requests for "boy stuff" in my recent survey.

As usual I have 3 kits this month, and all of them are OK for both personal and COMMERCIAL use.

If you are a member of my newsletter mailing list, check your inbox because these links have already been sent to  you! If you didn't receive it, check your junk mail folder. If you are not receiving your emails, please contact me using the blue "Contact Us" tab at my digiscrap store:

PROBLEMS WITH DOWNLOADS? The dowloads this month are at Gumroad, the platform where the files from my online store are hosted. When you are at the product page on Gumroad, click the purple "I want this" button. A box will pop up. The amount will show as 0+ and you need to enter the number 0 in that box, then hit "enter". A new box will pop up and ask you for your email. You should be good to go after that. If you have any problems please use the blue "Contact Us" form at

Thanks so much to all of you who answered my survey. Your feedback will help me design things that people actually want. LOL! Thank you also for all the nice compliments and comments! It's nice to be appreciated.

If you haven't filled out my survey yet, be sure you do it before midnight on Sunday, October 4th, because the drawing for the "Win All My Store for 2015" pass will take place on Monday morning the 5th. Everyone who replies receives a $5 gift code, as my way of thanking you for your time.

Happy Scrapping!
Marcy Coate

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