Links to tutorials where you can learn digital scrapbook "how to" information.

Pixel Scrapper
One of my favorite places to learn digital scrapbooking techniques (and also to download tons of really cool digital papers and embellishments to create digital scrapbooks). I advise you to sign up as a member, which is free, to take advantage of all of the benefits of this site.

Here is a list of the free tutorials as of today (23 March 2015):

Using Pixel Scrapper
  Uploading a Layout, video
  How to tag a layout with the kit tag
  Posting Images in the Forums

Using Templates & Assets From Pixel Scrapper
  Recoloring gray scale items, video
  Easy recoloring of overlays and other layers, video
  Using clipping masks with shape & photo masks
  3 ways to use texture overlays, video
  Making patterns in Photoshop & plaid paper
  Using Glitter: .PNG, .PAT, .ASL
  Making Sparkle, Fairy Dust and Stars, video
  Using a Brad Template

Beginner Photoshop
  Photoshop Workspace
  Photoshop Palettes
  Photoshop Tools
  Opening a New File in Photoshop
  Using Layers in Photoshop
  Using a Quick Page
  Making Rounded Corners
  Paint Can Tips
  Using the Character Palette (Typing)
  Evenly Spacing Elements, Using the Move Tool
  Using the Shape Tool
  Working with Double Layouts, video

Intermediate Photoshop
  Making ledger paper, using the line tool
  Making a Scalloped Edge in Photoshop, video
  Clustering Resources, outside link
  Making a Torn Edge
  Making An Element Appear On Top And Behind, video
  Add A Paper Background To An Alpha
  Using the Swatches Panel in Photoshop, video
  How to Make Basic Cardboard, any color
  Making a Banner Shape

Designer Secrets
  Making Glitter in Photoshop
  Changing saturation of gray scale items
  Using Photoshop actions
  Using batch edit in Photoshop
  Making Washi Tape, video
  Making realistic textures in Photoshop
  Intro To Alphas
  Making a Polka Dot Pattern, video
  Making a Coffee (or any) Stain
  Making A Paper Preview, video
  How to Make Corrugated Cardboard, Any Color
  Convert a layout to a template, video
  Making Chalkboard Sketches
  Distressing Digital Paper
  Making a Glitter Border
  Making Striped and Plaid Patterns, video
  Make a Folded Ribbon from a Flat Ribbon

Designer Behind the Scenes
  Learning to make specific elements (choice of items to make)

Photoshop Layer Styles
  Using styles in Photoshop
  Using Inner Shadow Style To Make A Cutout
  Make a 3D Plastic Bubble Effect
  Trimming an Element, video
  Making Puffy Paint Glitter Doodles
  Making A Simple Border Using "Stroke"

Working With Brushes
  Adding brushes to Photoshop, video
  Misting and Brush Techniques from JustJaimee.com, video
  Making A Brush Set in Photoshop
  Making Random Scatters
  Using a Random Brush Tilt for Pattern Making, video

Photo Editing
  Photoshop Levels
  Retouching in Photoshop

Make This Page
  Make this page 1, video
  Make this page 2, video

Other Software
  Storybook Users: Converting .PSD to .JPG

Tech Tips
  Tagging on Pinterest, ctrl+f
  Making a Color Palette, online or Photoshop