Thursday, February 19, 2015

How I Got Started Scrapbooking

At Pixelscrapper, a digital scrapbooking community that I belong to, we were asked to blog about how we got started scrapping.

I haven't really been doing digital scrapbooking for very long, and I can't remember exactly what got me started. Most likely I was looking for a background or clipart and stumbled across some digital scrap kits. It's so easy to get hooked! LOL

By the way, I have never done paper scrapbooking, but I do several types of paper crafts including decoupage. I've been doing graphic design and web design for several years. My husband is a graphic designer and web designer, so I learned a lot of what I know from him, and whenever I've wanted to learn something that is not exactly in his line of work, or when he doesn't have time, I learn from forums, web tutorials and YouTube.

Doing layouts of family photos is enjoyable for me, but I have not really had a chance to do very many yet. Mostly I have been downloading lots and lots of kits and templates!

Recently I made the decision to start creating my own designs, and that is why I created this blog, as a showcase for my work.

My first freebie kit will be ready for downloading at the beginning of March 2015, and it is part of the Pixelscrapper Blog Train.

Happy Scrapping!
Marcy Coate

PS: Here is the link to the Pixelscrapper Blog Linkup with other members who also wrote about how they got started with scrapbooking.


  1. Thanks for sharing Marcy! It's really fun to hear how everyone ended up at Pixel Scrapper. I love that you only have digital experience, I imagine that could give you an advantage since you won't have ideas about how things are done on paper. You are free to do anything!

    1. Thank you, Marisa! Yes, paperless has fewer limitations. It's scary to think about how much paper I would waste, whenever I might mess up or want to change something. I think digital goes a lot faster, too. Especially since there are so many fantastic templates at Pixel Scrapper. I love being able to just alt-click to combine a paper and a shape. <3

  2. I haven't done any paper scrapping, but I kind of really want to. I don't have the time or space for it, but it's fun playing with glue and paper!

    1. I agree, Emily, but I don't have the room or the budget for all of the paper that I'd end up buying! I tend to go overboard, with my hobbies. :-)